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Matt Curtis was born in Trowbridge, Wiltshire in 1969 and having a father in the Royal Navy meant that he was moved around the country in his early life. He eventually settled in Edinburgh where he earned a place at Art College studying illustration and media design.

He began his working life as a freelance illustrator working mainly on illustrations for various Agencies and companies such as the Forestry Commission. After a few years as an illustrator he began to experiment in fine art and in oils. His early focus was on aviation art, portraits and landscapes. His work was exhibited in many specialist galleries and included the Guild of Aviation Artists Aero Art among many others.

Recently Matt began to specialise in small contemporary still life subjects working exclusively in oils. He draws his inspiration from the 17th Century Dutch artists and also from some current still life specialist painters such as David A Leffel. He tries to ensure an Individual touch by introducing a slight “quirkiness” to his subjects with miniature robots or Russian dolls positioned alongside more conventional still life subjects such as jugs and glassware. Recent commissions have included a collection of still life for the Albert Roux/Greywalls exhibition at the Gullane Art Gallery. Matt was also commissioned by the Gullane Art Gallery to produce a new Gallery Logo - the Red Jug with Paintbrushes, which they are delighted with. "It is a true example of his very commendable work "

As well as being an accomplished still life and portrait painter, Matt is also a member of the Guild of Aviation Artists. His work is highly regarded and hangs in many private collections as far afield as Australia, Russia, the USA and Scandinavia.



Albert Roux Collection

Still Life with Roast saddle of French farmed rabbit, carrot mousse with saute kidneys, ingredients.

Oil on Board



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